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[0738.19.16.44]Performance Friction porsche 996 / boxster rear racing brake pads

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[0738.19.16.44]Performance Friction porsche 996 / boxster rear racing brake pads

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SKU 0738.19.16.44
Manufacturer Performance Friction
Price $291.35
Part Type Brake pads


Performance Friction 19 compound racing brake pads.

The all-new 19-compound from Performance Friction is considered a Z-rated Street Pad, but one that can handle the abuse of track days! With excellent cold-bite, and torque levels that rival those of the classic 97-compound, the 19-compound is perfect for street and occasional track use. Low dust, and low-noise characteristics are sure to impress on the road or on the track alike. Perfect for the rear of the Porsche Boxster and Cayman, where over-reactive PSM systems often overheat when combined with trail-braking and more aggressive racing pads

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