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[C53-8019-BP]Sp Performance Cross drilled rotors with black plating(sold as pair)

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[C53-8019-BP]Sp Performance Cross drilled rotors with black plating(sold as pair)

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SKU C53-8019-BP
Manufacturer part number C53-8019-BP
Manufacturer Sp Performance Brakes
Price $219.09


Product Description
SP Performance Cross Drilled Brake Rotors seem to be the choice of all performance car manufacturers. Whether we are talking about Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Porsche, their factory brake rotors are always Cross Drilled. SP Performance Cross Drilled Rotors have taken it to the next level by eliminating the sharp edges on our Cross Drilled holes. By doing this, it greatly reduces the chance of cracking and lowers the rotor temperature by moving the air and brake dust from the disc brake surface. By keeping the surface temperature down, this nearly eliminates heat checking and warping. The Cross Drilled holes also reduce the risk of hydroplaning when hitting a puddle by allowing the water to not get trapped between the brake pads and the brake rotors. All SP Performance Brake Rotors are manufactured to OEM specifications are machine balanced and double disc ground to eliminate any major brake system modifications. Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors are available in Silver Zinc Plating, Black Zinc Plating or Gray Zinc Coating.

Product Highlights
  • Cross Drilled Holes: SP Cross-Drilled Rotors are designed with structural integrity in mind. Each rotor structure is carefully analyzed and the best pattern is utilized for strength and integrity.
  • Advanced Hole Chamfering: The holes are drilled with our exclusive Sinusoid Curve Chamfer, which promotes cooling and minimizes stress. The chamfer maximizes air circulation, and with absolutely no sharp edge, it reduces the possibility of heat checking and increases both rotor and pad life.
  • Corrosion Resistant Finishes: Corrosion resistant finishes give a clean look behind your wheels while preventing rust, corrosion and oxidation. Available in a Bright Silver Zinc Plating, Black Zinc Plating or Gray ZRC Paint.
  • Quality: Our brake discs are made using the finest quality castings that exceed OEM specifications. Designed with the use of CAD software and produced on CNC machines insures the highest quality and consistent performance.
Sp Performance Cross drilled rotor
SP Performance Sinusoidal Curved Chamfered Hole:

After many years of development we have come up with a drilling and chamfering method that absolutely has no sharp edges.Our brake discs are drilled with our exclusive sinusoid curved chamfer. The chamfer promotes cooling, minimizes stress, vents moisture and dust while minimizing heat checking and cracking. The smooth design also increases both rotor and pad life. 

How Cross Drilled Rotors Work:

Cross Drilled Rotors, as mentioned above, are the go to for all performance car manufacturers. The reason for this is the ability for the holes to keep the brake pads and brake rotors as cool as possible during heavy braking. The cross drilled holes, just like in the drilled and slotted brake rotors, will keep the brakes cooler and help with removing water to prevent hydroplaning. While Cross Drilled rotors look amazing and perform great, there is a risk that comes with them. There is always the chance of these brake rotors developing stress cracks when under extreme use, the radial chamfer on SP Rotors will reduce those stress cracks. Also, during normal street use, the rotors will never see enough heat to create stress cracks, however, with that said, these rotors are not recommended for track use.

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