Misleading brake reviews.... or, Why you should not buy car parts on Amazon.

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Misleading brake reviews.... or, Why you should not buy car parts on Amazon.
As a professional in the brake industry for over 15 years when this article popped up on my news feed I had to click. https://www.caroutfitter.com/best-brake-pad-reviews/ What I found was an article containing nothing more than creative re writing of others reviews, plenty of assumptions, and a large amount of misinformation. Take for example the Hawk HB453F.585 referenced in the article: The description and what was liked looks as if it was copied directly from the Hawk marketing teams brochure. The concerns however are absurd assumptions and misinformation. Costly at a list price of $151 for a performance street pad that fits a 4 piston Brembo caliper.... really? Weakening rotors do to the higher heat produced from friction? Is this person an engineer? Does the author know anything about the actual thermal capacity of cast iron? Do they realize that speed, weight (both of the brake components as well as the vehicle), distance all play a major roll in stopping your vehicle? There is no mention throughout the article on what car the author is doing this testing on, however I can tell you from the part numbers it is quite the smattering of vehicles from Subaru STI's, Camaro ZL1's, BMW 3 series even a Nissan Altima. They must be quite a car enthusiast with a large stable of cars. While some of the Q & A section as well as the other information in the article appears to have been plagiarized from knowledgeable sources, much of it is fluff to help a uneducated consumer feel good about buying what the author and Amazon want you to buy. At the end of the day Caroutfitter.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, so we all know who is paying the bill for article. If you want or need real info on your brakes no matter if you drive a 1999 F350 or a 2017 Camaro ZL1, give a professional a call or send me an email. mail@bestbrakes.com or 1-800-733-8380
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