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[7790.39.17.44]Performance Friction ap- alcon racing brake pads

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[7790.39.25.44]Performance Friction ap- alcon racing brake pads

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SKU 7790.39.17.44
Manufacturer part number 7790.39.17.44
Manufacturer Performance Friction
Price $554.55
Part Type Brake pads


Applications: GT3, GT4 front, TCR, WRC and ALL Rally, RX,  NASCAR front pad, LMP3.  Sprint and semi-endurance

39 compound is our newest choice for sprint and semi-endurance races in GT, TCR, NASCAR or rally tarmac/gravel. 39 has a high initial bite and the highest average torque of any PFC compound. Recommended for high downforce and severe environments. Very good retardation. Release and modulation characteristics are its best qualities, providing excellent control to the drivers, and avoiding lock-up. There is virtually no torque rise with temperature. A very positive and firm pedal when braking is another of its advantages. 39 offers excellent wear, better than 13, 15 or 333. Compound 39 is designed to handle the most severe applications. The winner’s choice!

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