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[323.045.64]Performance Friction V3 brake rotor

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[323.045.64]Performance Friction V3 brake rotor
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SKU 323.045.64
Manufacturer Performance Friction
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[323.045.64]Performance Friction V3 brake rotor

Upgrade your braking performance by installing the newest generation PFC brake discs with a revolutionary design onto your car.

Direct Drive V3 rotors are the newest, best, and technologically most advanced brake discs of them all. It has the very latest generation mounting system that uses a spiral locking ring, which is basically a flat spiral piece of a thin metal sheet that connects the disc to the hat, therefore it is allowing much faster fitting without the need for tools or fixings. In fact, it is so easy, a child could do it. So, not only it is reducing overall weight, but also improves the relationship between you and your children by working on the car together and bonding like never before. 

V3 rotors are so advanced, that thanks to its purpose built design, there is no rattling noises what so ever, which allows 100% silent operation.

  • Made of high carbon alloy with copper and molybdenum for high temperature strength and durability
  • Vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal warping and vibration. 
  • Run-out less than .001 inches, reducing pulsation and vibration
  • Thickness variation less than .0003 inches reduces vibration
  • 47 or more vanes for superior thermal capacity
  • Aircraft quality heat-treated for microstructure alignment and durability
  • Surface finishes less than .7 microns
  • 100% measured and inspected to meet tolerance specifications

The result is, that PFC brakes out-perform the competition by more efficiently distributing heat for lower lap times, longer and improved driver control. PFC brake discs work so well, that they spread the heat across the surface of the discs and achieve balanced temperature everywhere, whereas tested discs from competitors heat up significantly more on certain areas of the discs than others, which causes unbalanced heat on the disc, crinkling and overall much worse performance and longevity.

And in many many track days, when it comes to changing your discs for the Performance Friction replacement rotors, you keep your hat/hub assembly and just apply it to the new disc. Its re-usability is excellent. Performance Friction have thought about everything, and that is exactly why we highly recommend using their brake pads with these discs too. 

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