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[0769.12]Performance Friction Z-Rated brake pads.FMSI(D769)(old pfc #769Z)-Corrosion Resistant

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[0769.10]Performance Friction Z-Rated brake pads.FMSI(D769)(old pfc #769Z)

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SKU 0769.12
Manufacturer part number 0769.12
Barcode 707363023065
Manufacturer Performance Friction
Price $153.00
Part Type Brake pads
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[0769.10]Performance Friction Z-Rated brake pads.FMSI(D769)(old pfc #769Z)

NEW 12 Compound
12 Compound is a new generation endurance friction—excellent bite with 24 hour durability in its DNA and superior disc conditioning. 12 compounds were developed from 08 Compound with improved wear- modulation- and release characteristics. It is the ultimate in wear. The .12 Compound won in its debut race the 2013 Daytona 24hr overall winner-There’s new endurance winner in the arsenal. 12 compound wear is longer than 08 where high temperatures is not an issue.
Typical applications; Ideal use for endurance where long wear is at a premium. Also racing venues where ABS systems are used. .12’s wear is at its optimum when disc temperature paints show 450-500c operating temperatures but will operate at higher temperatures if called too. Virtually zero taper wear when raced in a properly designed race caliper.

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