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[0732.01.17.44]Performance Friction c-5/6 corvette rear racing brake pads

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[0732.01.17.44]Performance Friction c-5/6 corvette rear racing brake pads

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SKU 0732.01.17.44
Manufacturer part number 0732.01.17.44
Manufacturer Performance Friction
Price $135.54
Part Type Brake pads


Complete line of Performance Friction 01 racing brake pads.

01 is one of the most accepted race compounds in the PFC's arsenal, and has become the standard by which
all brake pads are judged. 01 has good initial bite, with very little torque rise with temperature. At the end of
the stop, 01 Compound has less torque scatter than the competition for improved modulation with excellent
release. 01 Compound has good disc conditioning properties with low wear. 01 Compound is one of PFC’s
most popular race compounds, and wins more World and National Championships annually than any other
brake pad on the market. In many applications if 01 isn’t available, 11 will replace 01.
01 Recommended Application:
01 is recommended as an all-purpose pad in a wide variety of applications.
NASCAR Short Track and Road Course
NASCAR Speedway and Intermediate
All Oval Track Race series
Professional GT
Daytona Prototype
SCCA Racing
Porsche/BMW/Corvette/Viper Club Racing

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