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[0269.20]Performance Friction Carbon Metallic brake pads.FMSI(D269)(old pfc #2694)

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[0269.20]Performance Friction Carbon Metallic brake pads.FMSI(D269)(old pfc #2694)

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SKU 0269.20
Barcode 707363001919
Manufacturer Performance Friction
Price $41.25
Part Type Brake pads


[0269.20]Performance Friction Carbon Metallic brake pads.FMSI(D269)(old pfc #2694)

DODGE: AD/AW (76-80)- B-100 (73-80)- D/W-100 (73-89)- AD/AW-150 (81-92)- B-1500/2500/3500
(96-98)-D/W-150 (79-93)- B/D-200 (73-80)- W-200 w/3500 lb axle (75-80)- B/D/W-250 (81-95)- B/D-
300 (73-80)- B-350 (81-95)- D/W-350 (81-93) FRONT
All Performance Friction Carbon Metallic® Brake Pads use the following Multi-Layer Technology™:
- Exclusive Multi-Layer Technology ™ isolates- dampens- and eliminates noise.
- Vehicle specific formulation for exceptional stopping power over a longer performance life.
- Patented Ionic Fusion™ friction bonding technology for the strongest bond to the backing plate.
- Statistically controlled quality steel plates ensure proper fit with every pad.
- Patented Powder Coating prevents corrosion and extends caliper life.
- NO Asbestos- NO Lead- NO Cadmium- NO Chromium- NO Potassium Titanate- NO Fillers - Environmentally Friendly.
- Meets or EXCEEDS OE and FMVSS Safety Standards.
Carbon Metallic® It’s Quieter- Stops Quicker- and Lasts Longer.™
State of the art brake technology that outperforms “ceramic” and traditional semi-metallic pads in all categories verified by independent lab results.
The secret is... At Performance Friction® we don't just copy OE- we make it better.


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