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Brake Hardware is a critical component in brake system safety. If you're replacing the pads or Brake Rotors on your vehicle, chances are you need to consider replacing the brake hardware too.
Properly Functioning Brake Hardware from BBP offers:
Longer Pad and Rotor service life, Less Noise and vibration, More consistent, even braking
Speed Bleeders replace the original bleeder valve in your caliper/wheel cylinder with a spring-loaded one-way ball and check valve design. It allows the old fluid and air out, then closes automatically between pumps preventing the old fluid and air from re-entering the line.
It's a real time saver!
Speed Bleeder Bag and Hose kit allows you to recover your old brake fluid without harming the environment or making a mess! The perfect companion to your Speed Bleeders - and much easier than spilling brake fluid everywhere!
OEM Style Replacement Brake Pad Wear Sensors (Indicators) are direct replacements for the original equipment sensor. If your brake wear indicator light is 'on', these replacement wear sensors will do the trick. Many European cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche and VW require these sensors.
Use these paints to give your brake calipers and brake drums that show car look!
These paints withstand temperatures up to 950F using proper application an curing. Available in a wide variety of colors.
Our Temperature Indicating Rotor Paint kit covers the full spectrum of necessary temperatures (750F-1250F) and helps guide you toward optimum brake pad compound selections! Accurate to within 1%! Also includes a bottle of thinner to help prolong and extend the life of the paint. This kit should last the average racer several years.
Caliper Temp Strips measure the maximum caliper temperatures generated. 15 strips per pack. Eight range strips measure in 25 degree increments from 250 to 530 degrees F. Know your caliper temperature and make better judgements regarding brake fluid and ducting/cooling options that best suit your needs.
Genuine ACDelco Filters ensure that your Chevy and GMC Duramax vehicle will perform to the Max. Don't settle for less!
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